A financial intelligence platform that uses modern design and machine learning to bring all your investments (including Alternatives and Illiquid assets) into one elegant view.

A data-powered Social Platform for gamers

Make a purchase, invest $1 directly into the company you shopped at. If it’s private, save $1 in a Grifin cash account instead. Get stock everywhere you shop!

Cloud-based, flat-rate, monthly subscription that provides bookkeeping and accounting to SMBs with fewer than 20 employees.

A breakthrough SaaS diversity talent marketplace equipping employers with a central place to recruit all diverse job seekers.

An interview management platform designed specifically for application to Graduate Medical Education (residency and fellowship) training programs. (LinkedIn for doctors)

A marketplace that helps promote small businesses on over 1,500 of the best websites & apps reaching over 200 million consumers. Free Impressions. Free Clicks. Only pay for in-store sales.

A technology company building enterprise software, data and advertising solutions in the global beverage alcohol industry.