Who We
Invest In

Results stemming from experience.​

We love sharing the valuable lessons we’ve learned as founders. Let us help you shorten your learning curve.

Building success from the ground up.

We take young startups and founders and provide key mentorship opportunities to grow the business one step at a time.

We focus on people first.

This firm focuses on people first. Our passion stands with relentless founders who have created companies that solve big problems that have remained unaddressed in their markets.

Helping you embrace risk to achieve your success!

We see risk as a powerful tool that when used correctly can take your business to the next level.  By having our interests aligned, you have a partner that can concentrate on working ON the business while you concentrate on working IN the business.

Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria
Product/Service must already be launched
Investment Criteria
Product/Service must have a history of increasing revenue figures
Must have a minimum of $30k/Month of recurring revenue
Investment Criteria
We have a preference for co-founders. The journey of starting and scaling a company is very a lonely and difficult one. It gets even more difficult trying to do it by yourself
Investment Criteria
We invest alongside other prominent investors
Investment Criteria
Majority of the team is located in the same city
Investment Criteria
Founders have a clear understanding of their financials and produce monthly updates for investors
Investment Criteria
Founders must have previous experience starting and growing companies OR proven experience in their specific field

investment lifecycle

IDEA Testing the waters with your idea $0 - $350k Annual Revenue
TRACTION Traction in the marketplace $350K-$3M Annual Revenue
Seed Stage You're developing your proof of concept and potentially seeking feedback from early adopters to refine the product before moving to the growth stage.
GROWTH Scaling the business and team $3M-$10M Annual Revenue
EXIT Established Company $10M-$25M+ Annual Revenue